Friday, July 24, 2020

Little update from my side


Its been two years since this website launched and two years since first blog post, I wanted to inform you that things did not stopped moving, I just stopped making small idle mobile game, still have few ideas for them, so there may be ~5 Idle games coming in 2020-2021 but now Im more interested in making few bigger, multiplayer titles, I develop them with another guy, so it keeps moving forward on the daily basis, I also started writing weekly Blog which is to inform people on what I'm working on, this website will still be up and updated, announcements will be posted once in a while, like when new game is released and so on.

New project launched

As of today, I had launched new website StreamKit.App which is for streamers, to generate emotes and sub badges / bit badges on the fly, the idea was to update it every week or so, add more assets, make more available variations and make it available for small streamers to generate assets for cheap.